Aug 26

Decency is too hard

I haven’t posted for quite awhile for various reasons that add up to work, real life and laziness. Several times I have turned over ideas in my head for posts and thought about them and began to write something only to walk away and leave this page without updates. I’m kinda lame that way sometimes. I’ve watched several things unfold in the atheist community over the past year and it’s turned me off more than ever than associating with groups because of the behavior of so-called thinking, reasoning people.

It’s not that I’ve ever associated with the national or local organizations or groups. I’m fine to read what I wish whenever I wish about whatever I wish. I’m not a real sociable person to be quite honest and I hate large gatherings and groups so the idea of going to any kind of con or meeting holds no interest for me whatsoever. I’m not the most articulate person when it comes to phrasing things nor am I the most pleasant when I think someone has fucked up or is treating people unfairly. And frankly I won’t feel bad for calling someone a fuckwit when I think they’re being one.

That said, I don’t have a problem with being corrected when I have said something wrong. I don’t mind that at all. I would rather have accurate information than continue on with a smug attitude and refuse to ever be wrong. I’m seeing a lot of that out of atheists right now and I’m disgusted. Smug, self righteousness, condescending and hateful. Yeah, when the religious blame atheists for this behavior, they’re right. Too many people are making a war out of labels. Too many people are deciding that no matter what one groups says, they will always be wrong and deserve to get the fuck trolled out of them. This is fucking pathetic.

I don’t care if you disagree with a person. I could give two shits less. However, when you accuse people of behaving dogmatically for actually wanting to treat fellow humans like fellow humans for being different from the old boy’s club, I have no fucking use for you. Why is treating someone who is not male, white, and straight so fucking wrong? No really, why is that wrong? Are you afraid of women? Gays? Trans people? Black people? Foreigners? Honestly. I would like to know what the fuck is so wrong with including everyone?

The people that are dedicating hours and days and weeks to trolling others because of this are sad. And the trolling isn’t even good trolling. There’s nothing funny at all about any of this. It just shows how fucking immature people are. And that’s what it boils down to. If you don’t like something, that’s good. What is the harm that is being done by allowing everyone in? What is the harm at learning what it’s like in the gay community being an atheist? Or the trans community? Or as an atheist PoC? What is so harmful in intersectionality? I’m not seeing any downsides to this. I’m seeing a lot of hatred for people that are promoting this. And it’s fucking sad.

It’s fucking sad that people have to throw a fit about being asked to be a decent human being. If you don’t think you want to be a part of it, don’t. Don’t throw out terms like cult and dogma and shit like that. Because I’m not seeing any dogma. I’m not seeing any cultish behavior. That’s bullshit. And going out of your way to attack others because they think it’s a good idea to be more inclusive, is fucking pathetic. You don’t like it? Continue to live in your bubble. I mean, bitches ain’t shit, right?

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  1. Dan J

    The only problem I have with anyone who is (in some way) associated with the “movement” is in a post by Richard Carrier where he said this:

    In the meantime, I call everyone now to pick sides (not in comments here, but publicly, via Facebook or other social media): are you with us, or with them; are you now a part of the Atheism+ movement, or at least cheer and approve it’s values and aims (since you don’t have to label yourself), or are you going to stick with Atheism Less and its sexism and cruelty and irrationality?

    Really, Richard? My first words in response to his little tirade were, “Fuck you.” He’s saying, to me, “You don’t have to label yourself, but I’m going to label you.” I think Jen, PZ, Jason, Stephanie, etc., would do well to distance themselves from such rhetoric.

  2. chaosagent

    Yeah. I don’t agree with that idea, but he’s the only one, who isn’t going out of their way to troll, who is saying anything like that. And I’m pretty sure Jen, Greta, Jason, Stephanie, etc. would never say anything like that because that doesn’t seem like something they would say at all. I saw PZ tweet back to someone who was asking why they would need something like that if they already felt that way about things and PZ replied, that maybe they didn’t. It’s a label and an idea. I wouldn’t want someone telling me I had to lockstep do anything.

  3. Dan J

    Exactly. More of the tweets I’m seeing which speak against A+ in some way seem to me to be highlighting exactly the reasons why it’s necessary. This one, for example, that got my attention when Richard Dawkins retweeted it:

    I’m a woman & an atheist blogger, & never experienced sexist abuse from fellow atheists. Maybe because I don’t assume they’re misogynists?

    Blaming the victim by someone who should know better. Disgusting.

    1. chaosagent

      Which has been happening quite a bit lately. It’s all about a matter of being able to argue with the one’s you’re “against”. And it’s pretty fucking sad when everyone decided they wanted to go back to high school again.

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