Nov 18


Still kicking around lately, but not on here so much. Not going to kill this off or anything, but probably not going to start posting weekly again or anything. I’ve had bullshit with work, sick parent and a new kitten come into the house lately and I’ve had yet another job put on me at work, not that the 30 roles I play were enough. I’ve had to plan and run the activities now as well, which means that I have to put together schedules, make calls and calendars along with actually doing the activities which include trips sometimes. We went to see the reindeer ranch in the area on Friday. I forgot to bring anything but my phone so the pictures aren’t as good as they could be. Oh well. And the reindeer looked a little on the scrawny side to me.

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Jun 27

Still here

I’m still around, just not felt like posting much as of late. My class is finished, I have a second job lined up as soon as my certification goes through. I took the state test for that a week ago. To be honest I spend more time over on my tumblr than I do putting any thought into anything here. I need to change that and put some time into this place as well. I’m just now getting used to having free time off of work and school again and have been doing absolutely nothing besides playing video games. The house needs painting and cleaning. Shelves need building and yet I’ve done nothing. Such is life though. I have gotten quite a few more toys since my last posts about them so perhaps I should do some posts about my toys with pictures. If you really want to know what toys I have at the moment, not that anyone really reads this page much, you can go over to my action figure list and peek. There are some pictures, but not many. My last two figs aquired are making the amount of Kamen Rider OOO figures I need almost complete. Here are the boys:
Gamel and Uva Greeed SH Figuarts I think Uva, the insect based Greeed is my favorite Greeed at the moment. He’s got a great sculpt and the colors are outstanding. Gamel is formidable and a solid figure as well, but Uva is a better figure for my tastes. I’m missing one of the Greeeds, one of the Birth figures and about 6 of the OOO figures. It seems like quite a few, but four of the figures come in a two in one pack, so it’s just a matter of tracking down 4 of them that aren’t overpriced, like I did with the Greeeds. I also need the Claw for Birth and I’ll have a complete set. Here’s to hoping Mandarake helps me greatly in this endevour.

Mar 11


This has nothing to do with the post, I just think this picture turned out badass and needs to be seen

This has nothing to do with the post, I just think this picture turned out badass and needs to be seen

Well, I found out that I did get into the CNA program. Hooray me for being able to pass a test and an interview while having laryngitis. The whole working with seniors for the past 15 years may have helped along with the letters of recommendation from my boss and the chef that I’ve put in hours with after getting my Food Sanitation License. So I’m going back to school again. I was joking that at this rate maybe I can get them to send me to medical school since the job is paying for everything. I doubt that would happen though. My other co-workers are back in school and are actually working towards getting their diplomas so I’ll be the first into the void for this one. We’ll see how it goes.

I have to get fingerprinted on Thursday afternoon. I’ve never been fingerprinted before except as a kid when we all took a tour of the county jail in school. And they didn’t really fingerprint us. Oh well. Another certification to be had. I still have this plague or whatever it is hanging on too. I thought my voice was going out again yesterday, but it didn’t. To celebrate getting into the class, we went and bought stuff to crochet with, booze and toys. WOOO!

Feb 12

Where am I?

OBEY!I’m woefully behind at keeping this up to date, just like I did last year. Things at work have changed and I don’t have the free time I once had. I’ve taken one class and gotten a certification for work and now they want me to get another. Which is fine, but at the same time the first certification made some sense, this second one does not. And as of right now I’m the only one that’s going to be able to do it because my other two co-workers never graduated high school or gotten GEDs. Which they are both working on right now. One went for an interview/testing today and the other started classes yesterday. I did finish high school and did do some time in college, but never got a degree, which makes me kick myself now and again. I wasn’t in the right state of mind for college when I went in. I wasn’t in the right state of mind for much more than goofing off. I’m older now and the class I’m going to be taking isn’t much different than what I’ve done at my place of employment over the years, just I’ll have a fancy certificate from the state. Woo.
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Sep 24

Mecha Fun

I’ve been watching the awesome of Getter Robo Armageddon again for probably the millionth time. The Getter Robo series is my favorite mecha franchise, whether it be the manga or anime. Why is it my favorite? I can’t really tell you exactly except to say it’s anti-heroic and awesome at the same time. The characters are both hilarious and crazy and it’s completely over the top and violent. I’ve never been one to enjoy straight up and up hero stories, so these always make me grin gleefully because the serious and humor and action are balanced out so well. That’s not to say the protagonists don’t do heroic things at all. Or sacrifice themselves to save others. Such as Musashi demonstrates very aptly.
YouTube Preview Image
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Sep 10

Toys, part 2


TaJaDol form OOO fights the evil kaijin Eris

I mentioned that I had another collection of toys that I’ve been playing with lately besides the Gunpla. I’ve taken to collecting SH Figuarts action figures from some Tokusatsu series that I enjoy. Of course these aren’t children’s toys, despite the fact that the majority of them are from children’s shows. The market for the figures are older collectors and most have a label suggesting that the figures are for age 16 and up. The figures are very articulated and can be posed in a variety of ways with or without stands. The figures are about 14 cm tall or 1/12 scale. Most have accessories that pertain to the character such as hands and weapons and sometimes effect parts. Some effect parts are on a large scale and can be purchased seperately. I have one effect part set and some add on parts sets. I’m certain that in time I will aquire more because I can’t resist the plastic crack of SH Figuarts and Gunpla. Yes, I call my toys plastic crack because no matter what, there are always more I want, even if I’ve just purchased one or have one on the way. And I have at least one pre-order and one in transit at this time. Because the damn things are addictive and little works of art. Read the rest of this entry »

Aug 28


Wanna see my big red Z'gok?

No one can resist a big red Z’gok

I mentioned that I hadn’t posted in awhile over here because of real life, work, etc. but in that time I’ve picked up a new hobby that I had been pondering taking up for the past couple of years. Taking up the hobby was hindered by funds, but now that things are a little more stable I have a little extra cash that I can use to entertain myself.
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Aug 26

Decency is too hard

I haven’t posted for quite awhile for various reasons that add up to work, real life and laziness. Several times I have turned over ideas in my head for posts and thought about them and began to write something only to walk away and leave this page without updates. I’m kinda lame that way sometimes. I’ve watched several things unfold in the atheist community over the past year and it’s turned me off more than ever than associating with groups because of the behavior of so-called thinking, reasoning people.
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Nov 28


Well, my overlarge very pregnant sister finally popped producing the little sprog she and her boyfriend have named Wednesday Autumn. Poor kid is going to be spoiled rotten. For the record she obviously is not the massive chunk of lard my sister swore she was. I’ll be waiting patiently for her brother, Pugsley.

Oct 27

I’m still a lazy fucker

No, really. I haven’t made a post over here since August. It’s now the end of October. I need to give this place a little more attention. I’ll have to get back into the swing of things like making posts. I’m just not feeling it right now. Until my laziness fades, have a kitty train.
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